About us

Our main goal in Via Cordis, is to make our clients competent and successful especially in these areas:

  • obtaining financial means (ESF and other funds),
  • acquiring knowledge and skills and competitive education,
  • building successful work career (coaching, education, employment support)
  • personal insight, understanding of individual values, motivation and decisions (education, coaching, counselling, spiritual growth)
  • Creating and sustaining of promising relationships (consulting, therapies both for individuals or couples, coaching)
  • Responsibility towards the environment we live in ( and its protection)

"The target goup of the Via Cordis registered institute is represented mostly by clients who are challenged in the education sphere, individual development, career, social and cultural activities and life standards. Reasons for that are mainly of various characteristics as disabilities, differences in life styles, nursing an addicted family member, reaching senior age, life in insufficient environment, others can be threatened by discrimination, xenophobia and criminal activities of other people."